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Which Should You Choose, Carpet or Hardwood?

If you are currently undergoing a remodeling project, you are likely facing the decision which must be made on whether to choose carpet or hardwood. In this article, we're going to share with you a few different perspectives that will help you decide on whether you should be using carpet or hardwood for flooring to complete your remodeling project.

First of all, as you begin completing the remodeling project for your room, and you are trying to decide whether to use carpet or hardwood, you should consider the fact that you may or may not have pets. If you have pads, you likely already know the hardwood floor is going to be a lot friendlier for managing accidents caused by her pets. Cleaning hardwood floors is not all that difficult, however, keep in mind that if you choose to install hardwood floors you are going to need to clean them more frequently as they are known to collect dust more quickly than carpet. However, hardwood floor does not collect stains as easily as carpet does. If you choose to use carpet for your flooring you're going to find that you may be spending quite a bit of time scrubbing stains out on the carpet itself. However, oftentimes you're going to find that carpet needs to be vacuumed less often compared to the number of times hardwood floors must be mobbed in order to keep its shine.

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When considering whether you should use carpet or hardwood you should up always keeping consideration your budget. Oftentimes, you are going to discover the hardwood flooring cost a lot more money than carpet does. It is common to find the hardwood flooring cost more than four dollars more per square foot then the cost of carpet per square foot. However, we also find the hardwood flooring often times last much longer than carpet. So depending on your budget, you may find that in the long run hardwood flooring is a better investment.

Another consideration that we would like to throw out there is this. If you were to choose to install carpet into your room, more particularly, if you were to choose to have patterned carpet installed, you are going to often times find that pattern carpets have loops that can be pulled up from the ground and torn, resulting in damage to the carpet itself. Keep in mind, carpet damages often times very difficult and expensive to correct. However, to counteract the fact that you can easily pull up the different loops that carpet contains, carpets do in fact help when suppressing falls that individuals may experience.

The decision on whether to use carpet or hardwood flooring is up to you ultimately. It all comes down to the preference that you have in the budget that you are willing to spend concerning the purchase and installation of your new flooring. If you have any questions about carpet or hardwood flooring, we encourage you to submit those questions to us through our website, and we will do our best to answer those for you in a timely manner.

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