Colorado Business Licensing Information for Contractors

Colorado independent contractors

Contractor’s License Requirements in Colorado

In the state of Colorado, those individuals or businesses that wish to obtain a contractor’s license can do so using the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) website under the Division of Professions and Occupations. This website licenses over 50 various professions, businesses and occupations in the state of Colorado.

General construction contractors operating in the state of Colorado are subject to licensure on a city and county level through the associated departments. For specific requirements, consult the governing city or county’s licensure board.

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Colorado Business Licensing for Electricians

Electrical Contractor and Electrician Licenses in Colorado

In Colorado, licenses are available for master electrician, residential wireman and journeyman. Information on these licenses is provided by the state’s Electrical Board. Using the application and forms section of the state’s website, you can obtain applications and forms related to new applications, renewals, examinations and more. This wealth of information is relative to both electrical contractors and electricians in the state of Colorado.

Business Licensing Information for Plumbers in Colorado

In order to do plumbing work in the state of Colorado, the state requires you to have a license. On the website for the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), plumbers can access information on applying to become a plumber, rules and regulations, and the plumbing code.

General qualifications for a plumbing license are as follows:

Residential Plumber: You must verify two years of practical experience, which amounts to 3,400 hours.

Journeyman Plumber: The maximum experience the board requires for an applicant to qualify to receive a journeyman plumber's license is four years of practical experience, which equates to 6,800 hours.

Master Plumber: An applicant for a master plumber's license must furnish evidence of having obtained five full-time years of practical experience, which equates to 8,500 hours.

Note: One month of full-time experience is equivalent to 163 hours.

The Colorado Division of Professions and Occupations Online Services provides a portal with which you can use to apply for a plumbing license in this state.

Additional Business Licensing for All Businesses in Colorado

Business and Occupational Licenses

Information for business and occupational licenses in the state of Colorado can be obtained from the website for the Secretary of State. There are many professions in Colorado that require licensure by businesses operating in the state. To apply for or renew your license, DORA’s website provides a section for “Boards and Programs.”

Colorado Business Tax Information

Business Tax Registration

Any business operating in the state of Colorado must register for a tax identification number, licenses or applicable permits, sales tax accounts and unemployment insurance tax using the website for the state’s Department of Revenue. To determine your tax liability or to make online payments, consult the website linked. Instructions and forms for all types of businesses are provided for ease of use.

The Department of Revenue’s website can also be used for general tax information and forms related to taxes.

Insurance Requirements for Businesses in Colorado

Unemployment Tax Requirements

Unemployment insurance is required to be paid by every business operating in Colorado. This process is managed and regulated by the state’s Department of Labor and Employment. A guide is available online for those individuals interested in more information on their benefits when filing for unemployment. In addition, employers and businesses can use the “Businesses & Employers” section of the website to register the business, pay premiums and report wages.

Under certain conditions, your business may need to remit payment for unemployment insurance taxes. To be sure, consult your account through the Department of Labor’s website dedicated to Employers.

Workers’ Compensation Requirements

With very few exceptions, employers in the state of Colorado who employ more than one worker must get and maintain Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Using the Insurance Coverage portion of the state’s website, you can obtain coverage, report your intent to self-insure and verify that a company has the necessary insurance to meet the state’s requirements.

Under the law, the premiums paid for this type of insurance coverage is always paid for by the employer and should never be deducted from the employee’s earnings.

For more information, contact can be made with the Workers’ Compensation Division using the address below:

Division of Workers’ Compensation

633 17th Street, Suite 400

Denver, CO 80202-3626

Further information can be obtained using the Employer’s Guide for Workers’ Compensation.

New Hire Reporting Requirements for Businesses in Colorado

Reporting New Hires

Under federal law, employers are required to report newly hired employees within 20 days of their hire date. The following information can be reported using the State Directory of New Hires:

  • Employee’s name
  • Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of birth
  • Hire date
  • Employer’s name
  • Payroll address
  • Federal identification number (FEIN)

Employers may use the website for reporting, fax the information to 303-297-2595 or by sending it to the following address:

Colorado State Directory of New Hires

P.O. Box 2920

Denver, CO 80201-2920

Licensed Contractors in Colorado

Under DORA, the Division of Professions and Occupations provides a licensee search for electrical and plumbing licenses.