California Air Conditioning Systems, Inc.

Heating and Air Conditioning -HVAC, LIC#770773

Other Services

  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Appliance Repairs

Company and Services Overview

 With over 20 years of experience, California Air has been trusted as a one-stop source for all aspects of quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Being located in Lomita, we are able to connect with our customers within the Los Angeles County, Orange County, beach cities, and parts of Riverside and San Bernardino. We have a statewide reputation for providing exceptional service, satisfaction guaranteed work, and our expertise and professionalism in the field.

California Air is particularly proud of the service we provide. We have over 20 years of service experience in the air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems field; repair services, maintenance, installations, sales, and duct cleaning as well. We service many varieties of air conditioning units and heating units, be it in commercial, industrial, construction, or residential. We recruit passionate and dedicated technicians who not only enjoys the career they chose but also the continuing growth of their skills in the HVAC field.

We're proud of our people. We take pride in our work. And we're comitted to earning your business and trust.

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