What's the Difference Between Freelance and Independent Contracting?

April 11th, 2012, Admin


Freelance work and independent contracting are fairly similar, they both require a person or business to offer goods or services to another business through a contract or verbal agreement, but there is a fine line that separates them. The line that defines the two has to do with the type of work that is being offered to the clients.
A freelancer worker does work that usually has to do with more artist fields like planning events, technology, music, writing, etc. Some common freelance fields are web design, graphic design, event planning and management, publishing, filmmaking and the list could keep going, but you get the general aspect of the kind of jobs a freelancer worker does. A lot of freelance workers create their work and typically keep the copyrights to their works and sell the rights to publishers usually in time-limited contracts.
Independent contracting is the exact opposite of freelance work. Many of the jobs require labor instead of an artistic ability. Some of the occupations that independent contracting arrangements are typical are general contractor, gardener, nurse, personal trainer, truck driver, sales representative, etc. independent contractors are required to have their own supplies and other expenses that related to the project. Being able to distinguish between an independent contractor and employee is important to understand how an independent contractor operates day to day.
Now that you can differentiate between the two it’s time to figure out the appropriate term for your work. This is important to know for yourself and when it comes down to finding clients; people want to know that they are hiring somebody that knows what’s going on. Make sure that your general business title matches your occupation, so that clients can search and find your goods or services fast and easy.


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