Value for Memory Making Homes

A home is a place that people can feel safe, welcomed, and loved. The importance in the decision of buying a home can mean the world of a difference. It is the memories. The memory that a child will have potentially for all of their childhood, it is the last memory of your mom as she spent her last Christmas with you before her passing, the memory of family dinners, and neighbor gatherings. It is critical that you choose the right place for all your memories to take place in and flourish.

Before buying that new house though, you have to fix up your old one to ensure its’ value can be at its maximum potential for the new owners memories to be made and for your biggest gain. Some ways you can ensure a value increase is assuring that the home’s furnace is inspected and properly taken care of. It is a small cost of approximately one hundred dollars to be inspected and will increase the longevity of the furnace. You can then give potential buyers the record of your upkeep of the furnace. The outside of a house and the siding, including the roof, can all be a main source of dirt, grime and mold. Obviously, this is not very appealing to a potential buyer. For a relatively low cost, you can wash and keep your siding and roof in utmost cleanliness. Having a professional power wash is extremely beneficial before showing a house.

First impressions don’t come easy. You only have chance, and that is where the secret lies. Around two hundred dollars could go a long way and potentially give you an extra thousand or two for the buying price of the house itself. There is nothing quite like a newly painted house. The fresh smell and new look contributes to a finished appeal. Steel door replacements are known nationally to increase the value of a home. It is guaranteed that you will get to the money back that you put into it.  Along with that, first impression includes the gardening, light fixtures, house numbers, the mailbox, and anything else that would be in viewpoint of a buyer in the first few moments. Maybe adding some contrasting colors, getting rid of some weeds, upgrading a light fixture or mailbox may cost you a day of work and about two hundred to three hundred dollars, but the value it ads could be that determining factor for the buyer to sense this is a memory-making home.

The kitchen is known as one of the most social rooms of the house. Having it up to par is a critical aspect for increased home value. Newly painted cupboards and replacement to silver handles will do the job quite nicely bringing it up to date with this day and age. Lastly, sometimes what’s under the carpet is hidden hardwood floors. With a quick refinish, the modernization of a wooden flooring will get you a buy much quicker with that higher asking price accepted.

You have what it takes to make your former home one in which someone would truly want and is willing to spend the extra bucks to have. You want that for your family and they want it for theirs. This clearly makes it a win-win situation!