Trade Qualifications, Licensing, Permits, and Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Legal and illegal contracts are determined by the following requirements: trade qualifications, licensing, permits and Worker’s Compensation Insurance (WCI). Many do not realize the depth of these and what their purposes are for in the world of contracting? What exactly do these requirements entail? They are crucial to this differentiation for what reasons?

The requirements are not something that an average customer or the typical landholder would even consider researching. It is not their specialty nor would one realize the importance of such stipulations. In any situation, one could be able to understand the difference between someone who not only has the necessary education or training needed for a job, but also has the excellence and talent to get it done with professionalism. Contracting is one of those in which there are many who may meet all the qualifications but do not actually have an expertise.

Legal operations can only be done under the circumstances where contractors have the correct trade qualifications, licensing, permits and WCI. Although the main issue that may hinder many from achieving these standards are the annual costs that it depletes from the company as it is an ongoing process. This leads to those who are not jumping through the required hoops to be able to charge their consumers less money. Yet those who are more qualified and must keep up with those expenditures are forced to then charge higher and receive less business. This is obviously causing a dilemma.

The consumer is then not realizing the lower pay is really going to be a negative result for him or her in the long run. Many will not complete projects or be held accountable to any standard in order to ensure that certain measures are made in order to keep their work fluid and integral. Because this is not a legal way to conduct business it continues to spur on illegal behavior. This is not allowing for those conducting business with integrity to be able to do so fairly.

This may not be something the clients realize but the contractors themselves are clearly known to have the minimum requirements and seem to get back just fine. Many contractors do not see permits, licenses, and certifications are not what is needed to really be good at one’s job. With just one illegitimate document, a person can disguise themselves as a professional without the actual knowledge, know-how and experience that actually backs that paper work.

What is it then that a consumer should do? Knowledge of what is a legal way of conducting that certain business for which one is hiring them to work would be one step in the right direction. Before hiring a contractor one can ask for the license number, qualification card, and WCI number which can all be verified with Workers Compensation Boards and Government Trades Associations. Permits must also be provided. These are just a few of the key prominent ways to ensure that legal work is being hired and conducted in one’s own home.