6 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Home Makeover

Do you find yourself bored or less than inspired when you walk into your home? If you do, it is time to invest in a home makeover. Many people assume a home makeover has to be expensive, but that is far from the truth. There are many things you can do to improve your home without breaking the bank.

1. DIY Your Heart Out

One of the easiest DIY projects to do is paint. Painting is simple for beginners and changing the color of your walls can go a long way to refreshing the look and feel of your home. Search for easy DIY ideas online for inspiration and make use of items you already have. Consider using items you have in storage or have lost your taste for.

2. Local Shops and Outlets

Local shops and outlets may be a great source of antiques, items for DIY use, and furnishings for your home. Buying local will save on you money on shipping costs. If you have local manufacturers, local outlets may carry their products at a reduced or wholesale as well.

3. Bold Accessories Pop

If you have neutral walls and furnishings, accessories can completely change the look and feel of the room. Throw pillows, curtains, and décor can often be DIY or purchased inexpensively, if you shop wisely. Pops of color and eye catching décor can have a very big impact with a small budget.

4. Accent Walls for Drama

If you want to add drama to a room, but don’t have the money to paint or paper everything, create an accent wall to draw the eye and create instant drama. You can paint one wall a bold accent color, use wall stencils to paint a bold design, or even wallpaper the one wall. This works best when other walls are neutral, but can also be done with complimentary and contrasting shades.

5. Give Your Lighting a Facelift

If your light fixtures look like they are from another decade, changing them to modern fixtures can make a huge impact. If you can’t afford to replace your lighting, consider painting the existing fixtures to an updated hue with spray paint. You can also replace glass shades on ceiling fans and chandeliers for another inexpensive facelift.

6. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Adding mirrors can help a room to feel more open and inviting. If you have a small space, mirrors can help the space to appear larger. You don’t need to buy a new mirror. Just paint the frame of one you have in storage or purchase at a second-hand store. Try painting a gold frame glossy black or white for an instant upgrade.
Regardless of your design tastes, you can makeover your home on a small budge by breathing new life into items you already have or items you can find at a yard sale or local store. Paint, color, and a little imagination go a long way when you are ready for a home makeover.