Arkansas Business Licensing Information for Contractors

Arkansas independent contractors

Arkansas General Contractor Licenses and Regulations

For all projects being completed in the state of Arkansas worth $20,000 or more, the state requires that the contractor be licensed. The governing body is the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board. On this website, you can apply for licensure, renew your license, find forms and search for licensed contractors.

The following information pertains to the various licenses available in Arkansas and their application processes:

Residential Builders License: Application Form | Fee: $100.00 Filing Fee

Commercial License: Application Form | Fee: $100.00 Filing Fee

Residential Remodeler’s License: Application Form | Fee: $50.00 Filing Fee

Home Improvement Contractors License: Application Form | Fee: $50.00

Applications for the above licenses along with their associated (non-refundable) fees can be mailed to:

Contractors Licensing Board

4100 Richards Road

North Little Rock, AR 72117

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Business Licensing Information for Electricians in Arkansas

Arkansas Electrical Licensing Information

In the state of Arkansas, anyone performing electrical contractor or electrician work must be licensed. Regarding the laws that apply to electricians and their licensing, you can use the website for the Arkansas Department of Labor to obtain an application and learn what reciprocity agreements are in place. The state’s website lists the following classes that are available in the state of Arkansas: master electrician, journeyman electrician, residential master electrician, residential journeyman electrician, air conditioning electrician, and industrial maintenance electrician.

Business Licensing for Plumbers in Arkansas

Mechanical, Plumbing and HVAC Licenses

In Arkansas, a license is required to perform plumbing work with the exception of work being done on the contractor’s home or an agriculture building that is located outside of the city limits that is not connected to public water, gas lines or sewer services.

For information on testing and training, consult the information provided by the Department of Health. Applications for plumber’s licenses are not available online, but information on applying for HVAC licensure can be found on this web page.

Additional Business Licensing for All Businesses in Arkansas

Business and Occupational Licenses in Arkansas

In the state of Arkansas, professional licenses are required for a variety of occupations. Using licensing shows accreditation for the particular field of the license along with related testing and experience. The various professions that require licensure in Arkansas are listed on the Professional Licensing website.

Arkansas Business Tax Information

Business Tax Registration

In order to run a business in the state of Arkansas, there are requirements that must be met with regard to licenses, permits, income, sales and other related taxes. For more information on your responsibilities regarding taxes, consult the website for the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.

This website can be utilized for tax identification numbers, permits, tax withholdings, and unemployment insurance tax.

General Tax Information and Forms

Under the Business Services portion of the Department of Finance and Administration’s website, information is available on the various information and forms related to tax situations that are designed for businesses.

Arkansas Insurance Requirements for Businesses

Unemployment Tax Requirements for Arkansas

Based on certain conditions, your business may be subject to pay unemployment insurance in the state of Arkansas. If this is required of you, you have to register your business with the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services. On this website, you can learn about your financial responsibility regarding this insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Requirements for Arkansas

In Arkansas, most companies that employ three or more workers must obtain Workers’ Compensation Insurance. This is regulated by the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission and guidelines are listed below:

  • Exceptions to the “three or more” requirement do exist, so be sure to check with the authorities before assuming that this insurance is not necessary.
  • This type of insurance is paid completely by the employer and no part shall be deducted from the employee’s pay.
  • As an employer, you have the option to be self-insured for this coverage, but you must receive state approval.
  • Penalties apply for those companies that fail to comply with the laws in the state.

Arkansas New Hire Reporting Requirements for Businesses

Reporting Newly Hired Employees in Arkansas

Through the Arkansas New Hire Reporting Center, employers have twenty calendar days from the date of the new hire to report their employment.

Arkansas Licensed Contractors

Through the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board, you can search for contractors based on their six digit license number, ID number or by name. For contractors unable to be found in the database, you can reach out to the Board at 501-372-4661.