Arizona Business Licensing Information for Contractors

Arizona independent contractors

Arizona General Contractor Licenses and Regulations

In the state of Arizona, all contractors performing any of the following work must be licensed as a contractor: residential, commercial, industrial general building, remodeling, repair, general engineering, plumbing, electrical and HVAC maintenance.

For information on the licensing procedures, application fees and requirements, you can access the state of Arizona’s Registrar of Contractors website.

Correspondence can be sent to the following address:

Arizona Registrar of Contractors

1700 W. Washington Street Suite 105

Phoenix, AZ 85007-2812

Questions can be directed to 877-692-9762.

Using this website, you can access requirements for renewals, background checks, license forms and related news regarding the industry.

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Arizona Business Licensing Information for Electricians

Arizona Contractor’s License

Through the Arizona Contractor License Center, you can learn the requirements for electrical contractors in the state, new rules for contractors, preparation for testing, and more. The state of Arizona makes it mandatory for anyone performing electrical work in Arizona to receive a contractor’s license.

Arizona Business Licensing Information for Plumbers

Arizona Contractor’s License

For those looking for information and application requirements for a plumber’s license can also access the necessary information using the Arizona Registrar of Contractors’ website. In Arizona, a general contractor’s license is required for anyone performing plumbing work.

Additional Business Licensing Information for all Arizona Businesses

Arizona Business and Occupational Licenses

For any companies operating in the state of Arizona, there are certain business or occupational licenses and permits required. To learn more, visit the website for the Department of Revenue in the state of Arizona. This guide is also a useful utility in determining whether or not your business requires a license of any kind to operate in Arizona.

Arizona Business Tax Information

Business Tax Registration

Companies operating in the state of Arizona are required to obtain tax identification numbers, licenses or permits. To obtain tax registration information, file taxes and make payments, you can utilize the website for the Department of Revenue.

General Tax Information and Forms

For businesses operating in the state of Arizona, there are specific tax forms and registrations required. Through the Arizona Department of Revenue, business owners can learn their responsibility with regard to the various taxes owed to the state.

Arizona Insurance Requirements for Businesses

Unemployment Tax Requirements for Arizona

Companies who have employees are required to pay unemployment taxes in the state of Arizona. To learn your responsibility for this type of insurance, consult the provided Employer Handbook on Unemployment Tax Insurance. Information can be found on who this insurance tax applies to on this page.

Workers’ Compensation Requirements for Arizona

Businesses operating in Arizona must carry or self-insurance for Workers’ Compensation Insurance. More information on Workers’ Compensation can be gleaned from the Frequently Asked Questions through the state’s official website.

Arizona New Hire Reporting Requirements for Businesses

In the state of Arizona, employers have twenty calendar days from the date of the hire to report the new employee to the New Hire Reporting Center. This website can be used to obtain relevant information, resources, reporting methods, compliance information and more.

Arizona Licensed Contractors

To find a licensed contractor in the state of Arizona, you may use the website for the Registrar of Contractors. Begin by inputting the six digit license number of the contractor or name of the contractor.