Alaska Business Licensing Information for Contractors

Alaska independent contractors

Alaska General Contractor Licenses and Regulations

Under the law in Alaska, residential and general commercial contractors operating in the state must be licensed.

For information on the businesses in the state that require licenses, read the information provided by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development: Research and Analysis Division.

Alaska Business Licensing Information for Electricians

Alaska Electrician Certificate of Fitness and Electrical Administrators License

The Labor Standards and Safety Division Mechanical Inspection statutes and regulations can be found at this location. Electricians operating in the state of Alaska are regulated by the Department of Labor. In order to complete electrical work in this state, a contractor must submit a Certificate of Fitness that shows he or she is able to perform the necessary work. Under the Electrical Administrations, licenses can be issued for residential wiring, unlimited commercial wiring, controls and control wiring, inside and outside communications, and unlimited line work outside.

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Alaska Business Licensing Information for Plumbers

Alaska Plumber Certificate of Fitness

The application for Certificate of Fitness is located online and can be printed and mailed to the appropriate department along with any applicable application or licensing fees.

When complete, the application packet can be sent to the following address:

Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Mechanical Inspection

1251 Muldoon Road Suite 113

Anchorage, AK 99504

Alaska Mechanical Administrator Licenses

In this state, Mechanical Administrator licenses are granted for those who perform heating, cooling, residential plumbing, hydronic heating, industrial and unlimited commercial plumbing. For more information, consult the website for the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development: Corporations, Business & Professional Licensing.

Additional Business Licensing Information for all Alaska Businesses

Alaska Basic Business License

To obtain or renew a business license in Alaska, the Business Licensing website for this state provides a wealth of information. Information can be found on the forms and fees required along payment processing online. You are required to obtain a business license before you can operate any business in Alaska. Of the businesses required to obtain licensure are: LLCs, LLPs, Corporations, Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships. In addition to licensure, the business must apply for and receive any necessary permits.

Alaska Business Tax Information

Business Tax Registration

In order to operate a business in the state of Alaska, there are requirements that must be met with regard to licenses, permits, income, sales and other related taxes. For more information on your responsibilities regarding taxes, consult the website for the Alaska Department of Revenue: Tax Division.

General Tax Information and Forms

Other tax information and any required forms not mentioned can also be obtained at the website for the Tax Division in Alaska. This includes information and forms related to income tax withholding, sales tax, use tax and unemployment insurance tax.

Alaska Insurance Requirements for Businesses

Get Unemployment Tax Requirements for Alaska

For information on the unemployment tax in the state of Alaska, consult the Unemployment Tax Handbook. The handbook consists of 50 pages of educational content on the employer’s responsibility for unemployment tax, the history of unemployment security, office locations and more. If your business is required to pay unemployment taxes, you need to register your business with the Alaska Department of Labor.

Workers’ Comp Requirements for Alaska

In the state of Alaska, businesses are required to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance. More information on the requirements can be viewed on the website for the Division of Workers’ Compensation. This rule applies to all companies with the exception of those who are self-insured.

Alaska New Hire Reporting Requirements for Businesses

Report New Hires in Alaska

According to the federal and state laws, employers must report all new hires to the Alaska New Hire Reporting Center within a time frame of twenty days of their hire date. Using this website, employers with a few or many new hires can follow the required procedures in the reporting process.

Alaska Licensed Contractors

To learn whether or not a contractor has a license in Alaska, you may access the website for the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development: Corporations, Business & Professional Licensing Division.