Alabama Business Licensing Information for Contractors

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Residential General Contractor’s License

In order to become a licensed contractor in the state of Alabama, contractors must go through the Home Builders Licensure Board. To become licensed, applicants can request application packets through the mail by sending in a $25 fee to the Board or by printing the application online. There are two application packets from which you can choose: Unlimited license application packet or the Limited license application packet.

Next, applicants must fill out the required form, sign it and have it notarized. The application must then be sent to the Board along with a check or money order for $350 ($250 license fee and $100 new license application processing fee). Application packets should be sent to the following address:

Home Builders Licensure Board

P.O. Box 303605

Montgomery, AL 36130-3605

The HBLB also provides legal requirements for license holders in the state of Alabama. For residential projects that cost over $10,000, a residential general contractor’s license is required.

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Alabama Commercial General Contractor’s License

For commercial and industrial projects that cost $50,000 or more, a commercial general contractor’s license is required. The Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors provides information on the application and renewal processes, testing, reciprocity, testing and more.

Business Licensing Information for Electricians in Alabama

Electrical Contractor and Electrician Licenses

Through the Alabama Electrical Contractors Board, you can obtain forms to apply for licensure, search license records, renew online and learn the various applicable laws and regulations.


Business Licensing Information for Plumbers

To become a licensed plumber or gas fitter in the state of Alabama, visit the State of Alabama Plumbers and Gas Fitters Examining Board for information on requirements and associated fees. Using this website, plumbers can obtain a license in order to begin working in this state.

Additional Business Licensing Information for All Alabama Businesses

Business Licensing Information Center in Alabama

In order to obtain a business or occupational license in the state of Alabama, business owners must access the Department of Revenue’s website to learn more.

Alabama Business Tax Information

Business Tax Registration

In order to operate a business in Alabama for anything related to registering tax account numbers, the Department of Revenue provides a great deal of information that can assist in the process. Instructions can be found at this location.

General Tax Information and Forms

For businesses operating in the state of Alabama, there are specific tax forms and registrations required. Through the Alabama Department of Revenue, business owners can access MAT (My Alabama Taxes) in order to determine responsibility for required taxes.

Alabama Insurance Requirements for Businesses

Unemployment Tax Requirements

Information on unemployment compensation can be gleaned from the Alabama Department of Labor’s website. Information provided on this website is designed for application to Alabama businesses only.

Workers’ Compensation Requirements for Alabama Businesses

Under the law, workers’ compensation insurance must be purchased for companies that employ workers in the state of Alabama. More information is provided on this by the Alabama Department of Labor.

New Hire Reporting Procedures in Alabama

According to the federal and state laws, employers must report all new hires to the Alabama New Hire Reporting Center within a time frame of twenty days of their hire date. Using this website, employers with a few or many new hires can follow the required procedures in the reporting process.

Alabama Licensed Contractors

To learn whether or not a contractor has a license in Alabama, you may ask to see their wallet card which will provide you with the contractor’s license number. If the card is unavailable, you may search by name, city or county of residence using the Licensee Search of the HBLB website.